mayo 17, 2019

Content strategy the king of digital marketing

Content strategy the king of digital marketing

Content marketing isn’t a new concept in the world of digital marketing, but currently, it’s more important than ever before. Content is the king and it’s progressively working its way to the head of all digital marketing strategies, as it becomes a critical element that comes by big rewards.

Content as known as the king in marketing cover a set of strategies, techniques, and tactics to achieve business and customer goals by using content about the customer journey and a handful of business functions in a integrated, consistent and continuous way.

One of the purpose of content marketing is to increase business value and audience value providing and facilitating the right content across the right networks in the most valuable, timely, optimized, personalized and connected way across and beyond the audience life cycle.

Great content, whether it’s in the form of a social media update or a blog post, persuades users to engage with the brand, whether they realize it or not. If the content is genuinely likable, users will pause to consume the content, understand the brand message and perhaps even comment, like or share the piece of content. If it’s not, they’ll continue scrolling past and the content will vanish. To boost encourage engagement and develop a relationship with consumers through content marketing, assure all content is pushed out through social media channels and make sharing easy.

Content the king, adds value in some way is generally received well by consumers because it solves a problem in their everyday lives or teaches them something new. The value is abstract and doesn’t have a direct monetary value, however it’s invaluable to the business model and the relationship between the brand and consumers. Content that adds value to consumers by educating them on the service/product via how-to instructional videos, webinars and blog posts is ideal for adding value.

It creates brand awareness and authority in a saturated market, which then has the potential to generate new leads and increase sales as more consumers become exposed to the brand. Good content is generally less sales than advertorial, so it gives consumers an opportunity to authentically engage with the brand without a blatant sales message disturbing the engagement. Drowning consumers in product-oriented content can have a negative effect on their relationship with the brand, while good editorial encourage the relationship as they move from consumer to customer to brand advocate.

Original content is great for SEO aims, it’s also a great way to drive traffic to a website and keep consumers on the site for longer. For instance, a website with just a homepage and contact page will receive much higher bounce rates, limited page views and very little engagement, while a website with an onsite blog packed full of engaging content leaves an impact on the user and pushes them to interact with the site and visit multiple pages.

Premium, unduplicated content on a brand’s onsite blog has a significant impact on SEO and search engine ranking for a few reasons. First, unique content published regularly with 200-600 words, internal links to other relevant content and naturally placed keywords helps a website rank organically for relevant search terms and keywords. A higher ranking essentially exposes the brand to more digital consumers searching for content in its industry. Second, constantly publishing great content creates authority and expands opportunities to build a glowing backlink profile.

All of your SEO proceedings must be measured before, and after, to get up-to-date with your progress all of the time, to quantify your strategy results, status from competition, and your goals achievements.

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